Monday, June 30, 2008

memoirs of last semester not yet written

apologies to this nice blog for failing to
fill its pages with all the cool stories.

I had a couple nice longish term jobs in my
last months as 07-08 high school sub.
The longest was for a French/English class.
Got quite attached, still lack objectivity.
Did a number of 3-day to one week jobs
which afforded nice teaching opportunities
and chances to get to know students better.
Started getting to know students better
as I saw them in different subjects.
Rare is the day I don't hear several
"hey mr Hand"calls as I walk across campus.

There have been several great opportunities
to check out real student work, and some of
them even asked for my advice about it! Lots
of interesting chess matches. I had fun trying
to explain the lessons to them and while my
enthusiasm was too often dulled by student-
under-sub apathy, always at least a few of
them appreciated and enjoyed whatever
efforts I put out. I'm glad to have done it.

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