Monday, June 30, 2008

Today I had a doggy visitor

While working my excellent summer position doing English at Richmond High, I had a pleasant diversion from the usual 8am teaching experience. A wayward dog burst into the room: a non-threatening, timid little terrier-type creature, probably with some chihuaha. Poor little thing was spooked by me and ran from my efforts to make friends, but eventually bonded with a couple of the girls who talk about makeup and boys. The teacher who followed the dog into my room asked me to watch it for awhile, which I was fine with, eventually they called animal control when they couldn't determine who belonged to our little visitor. The teacher on the case gave me a sweatshirt for the dog to lie on. She (as we soon noticed) at first was playing with it and chewing on it, then fell asleep on it. I had given her some food I found in the desk (the teacher who uses the room had a little dog with her when she came by last week) and poured her some water--lucky thing the prior teacher had left her doggy dish! Animal Cops Contra Costa County showed up during the lunch break; she tried to bite him a few times and didn't like the leash, poor thing. I told the officer what I knew and he told me "if anybody looks for her she's in Pinole."

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